This Is How I Chose My Lawnmower

B1935 1          This Is How I Chose My Lawnmower

I am very particular about my open spaces:

Call it my upbringing or my penchant, but I cannot live happily in a place which has no spaces opening out to a garden. I feel claustrophobic if I have to live in a city kind of apartments where all I can see till far is only concrete, steel and glass. I understand that people pay premium price to stay in high rises and to be able to afford glitzy apartments but I am not just not cut out or such kind of places.

Green is indeed my favorite color:

I have been conditioned to stay among nature and all the houses that I have been staying in for years now all had open spaces that I tended to. My gardens were the best in the whole of the neighborhood and I have won many accolades for them in addition to getting a lot of over the shoulder looks when people have passed by my compound!

With age catching up:

While all these years I weeded and mowed by lawn manually with a reek, I realized recently that with my foot pain setting in I should invest in an electrical lawnmower than let the pain take better of me. I was looking at a lawnmower in which I could sit and ride. And the problem was that I did not where to look for it.

My niece to the rescue:

It was god sent that my niece who completed her university that year and came down to spend a couple of months with me. She used her smart phone to log on to the internet and helped me to zero in using the guide that helped me choose our lawnmower. The difference is so obvious. I can now sit while I mow my lawn. The guide was particularly useful because it helped me buy the lawnmower that suited my budget perfectly!