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Embrroidered Bag, Embroidered Peasant Top

Irving & Fine for Lucky Brand Embroidered Bag and Peasant Top

By JULIA FELSENTHAL, NY TIMES:   “For several years, Lisa Fine and Carolina Irving have been quietly perfecting the art of the airy caftan and the peasanty tunic with a fashion line that’s sold mostly at trunk shows and online. Their clothes convey a jet-set life where one flits breezily from Patmos to Punjab. Now Lucky Brand has tapped the duo to do a collection including flowy tops, delicately embroidered jackets and a souk-ready jute-and-leather tote that delivers the pair’s signature style at prices that are downright proletariat.”
Pictured:  Irving & FIne for Lucky Brand Embroidered Scarf Top and
Irving & Fine for Lucky Brand Embroidered Burlap Tote


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  1. Josephine says:

    I am sure you hear this often therefore feel free to add this to your string of positive feedback. I wanted to commend you on the great line you have created for the Lucky Brand Jeans company. Recently I purchased some new clothes for spring into summer and also because I wanted to buy something new for our upcoming trip to London. I found myself ordering 3 tops made by Irving and Fine. Love the quality, print, design and overall look of them. Thank you for adding a little more style to my wardrobe. I look forward to future purchases.

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