Benefits Of Amino-Acid Supplements For Body Builders

Reading the benefits of amino-acid supplements and knowing about how they help to improve your performance will help you in deciding which supplements you need to shop for. Pick up some great amino acid supplements today itself and enjoy the immense benefits that they offer.

What are amino- acid supplements?

Proteins that are an essential part of our daily diet are constituted of amino acids. In short aminoacids are the building blocks of life as they play an important part in repair, growth, and developments of tissues and muscle. When we eat protein, the body digests it and breaks it down into individual aminoacids, some of which are unique and are used in special ways.

The amino acids that are mainly required by body builders and athletes are the BCAA or branched Chain Amino Acids which comprise of the aminoacids leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Aminoacid supplements are mainly made up of these 3 BCAA’s.


Benefits of Amino-Acid supplements

  • Improved muscle growth

BCAAs have been found to improve and regulate muscle protein synthesis in the body post-exercise.  A rigorous workout supplemented by leucine of the BCAAs stimulates muscles to grow and develop well and be more responsive in your next workout session.


  • Higher endurance levels

Research experiments have proved that taken amino acid supplements help the body to protect glycogen stores which are necessary to build better endurance levels.


  • Reduction in fatigue

BCAA supplementation significantly reduces fatigue levels in sports people and body builders who have extremely strenuous workout sessions. Due to theintake of amino -acid supplements the serotonin levels are kept in check, which in turn does not allow the body to feel tired or fatigued.


  • More fat burning

Supplementation of BCAA also helps sportsmen training on low-carb diets to burn more fat.


  • Decreased muscle soreness

After intense workouts and training the muscles in the body tend to become sore and painful. Amino -acid supplements have been proved to reduce muscle soreness and pain too.


Build your body and also improve performance and endurance levels by shopping for some really effective amino-acid supplements.